Dedicated to the Professional Supply of Insurance Services to OOWA Members
to the WINNER of A 7GB Reader Tablet at our recent OOWA conference held at Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood
Gail Musgrove  of  Northern Purifications Systems
Hope to see you at next year’s convention!
About the OOWA Insurance Program
Is a specialized insurance plan, the purpose of which is to provide the septic service industry with an enhanced business insurance product at market leading rates.

Specifically, this insurance program is intended for
Septic Cleaners and Haulers, Septic Systems Installers, and typical related services and are members of OOWA.
OOWA Insurance Program is not a pre-packaged insurance policy intended to fit all business, but rather a full line of insurance options specifically tailored to the septic industry, that can be assembled as required to fit the needs of an individual business.

We welcome you to enjoy the friendly and efficient service, access to enhanced coverage, and the highly competitive rates that are available to you as an OOWA  member.